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Its a new year and as always a chance to rethink plans for the future. I have my first wholesale show coming up February 13-15 in Philadelphia. The show is ACRE (American Craft Retail Expo) established by (and I'll be blogging about my experience soon). It could not come at a better time as there has been a plethora of articles recently touting the resurgence of handmade ceramics with special interest from restauranteurs and other buyers. Here's a quick recap.

Why Restaurants are Ditching White China for Hand-Made Ceramics: a November 2014 article from Bon Appetit highlighting the movement away from white china to handmade ceramics in fine dining establishments across the country.

Great Pottery Throw Down fuels new interest as stores report increase in sales: a December 2015 article from the Guardian reporting on the Britain's fascination with pottery since the reality show The Great Pottery Thrown Down aired on the BBC. Hmmm wondering if this will show up on American television soon!

The latest thing chefs are willing to spend big bucks on to impress diners: a December 2015 article in the Washington Post explaining why big name restaurants are hiring artists and designers to make something more interesting than mass-produced tableware.

(This was originally posted in January 2016)

So potters and ceramic artists - its time to rejoice!! Let the trend continue...