This series of sushi trays and platters are made of stoneware clay and carved or scratched with various designs, mostly birds. My design is intended to focus on the illustrative quality of the bird and add minimal color.  I have included one bison in my series, the only animal that is not a bird, as it is in honor of my hometown of Buffalo, NY.

This Goldfinch sushi tray is the first in a series of bird trays made with the sgraffito technique.  Originally intended for sushi, these trays are food safe and terrific for any of your serving needs.

Baltimore Oriole Sushi Tray

Hummingbird Sushi Tray

Pelican Sushi Tray

Robin Sushi Tray

Canada Geese Sushi Tray

Hawk Sushi Tray

Bison Sushi Tray